OUR PRODUCT OFFERINGS We take pride in providing our tailor-made financial services to the low-income earners and economically active poor ranging from the followings products:

* Consumer Cooperative Support Account Designed to enable Existing and newly formed Cooperative Societies enjoy our financial backing and support for their members’ home improvements (Assets Acquisition) and economic empowerment.

* Fixed Deposit & Notice Account Designed to enable account holder maintain fixed term deposit or Notice account.

* Baby Bond/Smart Kids Savings It is a promising Child Trust Fund designed to help parents give their children a great financial head start and for their future school expenses.

* Sallah /Other Festival Savings The account is designed to encourage small savings towards making provision for their future festival expenses. It is to lessen the cash outflow during the festival period and ensure a proper preparation.

* Hajj/Umrah Savings Designed to enable Muslims save towards performing spiritual purification of their souls and in fulfillment of the last pillar of Islam.

* Micro lending (Business Financing); we give out short term business finance to our customers based on Administrative Charge which is uniform and flat irrespective of the amount of facility taken by a client.